Main functions of Silca Key Programs

SKP - Main Functions
Silca Key Programs integrates a powerful search engine that can use a great deal of information in order to identify the cutting card to be used for decoding and making an exact copy of a key.
Silca Key Programs is a product that can be customized to needs, and it has been tested successfully also by industrial customers in production contexts that require top quality key-cutting performance.
It is available in 10 languages: Italian, Spanish, English, German, French, Japanese, Swedish, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, and can be updated on the Internet or by DVD several times during the year through a yearly subscription (January-December).
The SKP platform has many functions useful to security professionals in their daily work:
Integration of all Silca electronic key-cutting machines
Customer historic archive
Job queue
Management of favourites
Program customization
Function for saving and restoring user data
Plentiful updated documentation in PDF format